• Exciting Progamme for 2017

    Posted on February 18, 2017 by in Tattingstone, Women's Institute
    19th January



    The Iceni Choir


    Stall:  Bring and Buy                

    Teas & draw :     Marilyn Bryant and Lucy Lavender

    16th February Guest speaker:   Andrea Mendel

                                    Life in another place


    Teas & draw :   Millie Gilson and Lisa Butler




    16th March Guest speaker:   Oggi Welden

                                    Wonderful Hats

    Cappelli De Oggi


    Teas & draw :      Jeannette James and Patricia Johnson


    20th April



    Guest speaker:   Claire Bourne

                                       Your Garden


    Teas & draw :  Annette Kilworth and Sylvia McLean



    18th May



    Guest Speaker:  Matthew Spall

    Don’t get scammed!


      Stall :               Plants

    Teas and draw:  Sheila Tweedy and Jane Connell-Smith

    15th June The committee

    Fiddle Quilts


    Stall:    Books and magazines

    Teas & draw:     Jo Rose and Patricia Caldwell


    20th July


    Sean Day

    The Mayflower Project

    Teas and draw: Jane Connell-Smith and Elaine Butler


    19th August


     Outing to Snape Maltings

    21st  September Guest speaker:  Viv Newman

    Tumult and Tears

    WW1 female poets


    Teas & draw:     Nicci Kenny and Joyce Watt


    19th October Guest speakers:    Katherine and Jason Salisbury

    Cheeses of Suffolk


    Teas & draw:  Jane Kirk and Marilyn Bryant

    SARS cards available

    16th November




    Guest speaker:  Alison Suzan and Rufus

    Canine Partners


    Stall:     Preserves

    Teas and draw:  Jo Rose and Elaine Butler


    21st December    Christmas Supper

    Come hungry!

    Make a festive decoration