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Solar Park Boards

With regard to different and strongly held opinions in the village on the issue of the solar park, I am wondering if other people in the village like me do NOT want to see loads of boards going up along the road side. In Belstead the look of the village has been completely blighted by these boards for at least a year. It’s horrible there and lots of villagers there hate the way this pretty village has been degraded.

Yes, the solar park (and the Belstead windmills) will seriously affect loved landscapes more or less permanently, but that is a different issue. Will the ‘YES’ villagers in Tatttingstone, start putting up series of boards saying ……the solar park, and will the NOT SURE people start making MAYBE boards? I don’t think so. So it will just be NO NO NO all through the village in a horrible negative rash for months on end.

Babergh doesn’t allow boards advertising businesses on frontages without permission, and that’s partly to preserve the look of the village and control advertising pollution. Politics is different, agreed, but the underlying principle is the same, and I hope other people in the village feel as I do: debate, yes, fight back, yes, circulate your opposition or support in print and other media yes: there are plenty of ways to educate ourselves make our feelings known about the solar park. Let’s not have this board virus in Tattingstone.
Susan Hemmings.

March Newsletter

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International Womens Day as it happened!

We spanned the bridge!
We had worried about rain, we had thought about snow, but fog took us completely by surprise. International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March dawned on Lemons Hill Bridge, Tattingstone, shrouded in mystery, but as 11 o’clock drew near, it had lifted enough to look strange but beautiful. By 10am the tea and coffee were brewing in the village hall, and Tattingstone Primary’s PTA were getting the lunch ready. Carol and Jill had been in early to set up the exhibition of children’s work: we hadn’t known quite what to expect, but the writing, drawings, multi-media displays, along with a couple of clay sculptures from the youngest were well beyond our highest hopes. The theme common to all was inspirational women who spanned the centuries, with here-and-now mothers all beautifully described in words and artwork. Not to be sentimental, but many of those who visited the exhibition over lunch time had tears to brush away.

The processions to the bridge started at 11 and more and more people appeared out of the mist, the choirs on one side, others opposite. Radio Suffolk began their interviews which went out live on the Mark Murphy Show, with Carol from the planning group, Elaine who is head of Ipswich High School for Girls, and Lily, a student at Holbrook Academy, setting out the reasons we were celebrating.
Meanwhile more than one hundred children had arrived, including the whole of Tattingstone Primary, and groups from Stutton Primary, Holbrook Academy, and the choir from Ipswich High School for Girls.
Susan gave a welcome to everyone and a few words about why we were there on the bridge and then the singing began, led by Fran and Tracy who organise community harmony singing groups, with one of their groups, Lifting Spirits, twenty of whom had been working on the songs for several weeks.

The harmonies were very heartfelt and moving and all concerned women’s commitment to peace (and harmony), some in other languages. A welcoming song from South Africa was sung by lifting Spirits and Ipswich School, Bella Mama (Beautiful Mother Earth) was sung as a round, all the schools in good voice, and a song about a Kenyan woman, Wangari, who is worldwide renowned for her commitment to helping fellow Kenyan women raise their income while planting woodlands. Tattingstone School went solo with a favourite of theirs (Oil in my Lamp) .Ipswich High School’s choir finished the singing with a version of Bridge over Troubled Water. By now all were spell bound standing in the lifting mist.

Ann Baeppler, the interfaith minister, then led a short meditation reminding us of our own past struggles for women’s rights we now enjoy, our continued commitment against violence affecting women and girls here, and the support we need to give to women all over the world in their often awful conditions. A pause for reflection in silence, then daffodils were distributed , and were thrown into the waters where they drifted in lovely processions in the currents across the water.
Marshals all in their special yellow jackets then helped everyone to cross over to join the choirs, and we began to link hands : would we span right across? Lemons Bridge is very long! Our planners held their breath for the conclusion of this event…and success!! A brilliant moment, well cheered. We all turned and walked off the bridge towards the village hall. Fran and Tracy started up a final song, and many knew it and joined in. Most people crowded into the hall to have a lunch of homemade food contributed by visitors and local people, sold in aid of Lighthouse Ipswich Women’s Aid, and to look in detail at the children’s work displayed there.

We started to plan the event back in November, and what made it so special was that 4 schools wanted to join in and Music in Our Bones, Fran, Tracy and Jenny, wanted to be involved. Jo from Lighthouse too was so very helpful in every way. The East Anglian Daily Times published a double page spread after the event, and Suffolk magazine will also publish an account and photos in April or May.
Thanks so much to Andy, who provided the sound system, to all the people from Stutton and Tattingstone and far-flung places who agreed to wear the famous hi-viz jackets, the photographers, the cooks, Julia and helpers on refreshments, Lloyd and Chris for their support, Tattingstone Parish Council, police woman Joanne, and of course to all the teachers and teaching assistants who were so absolutely committed to helping children understand the importance of the day and do their very best. Thanks of course to all the hard work of the planning group, Fran, Jenny and Janet in Stutton, Ann in Harkstead, and Carol and Susan in Tattingstone. And thanks to the poured all afternoon just after everyone had gone home or back to school. And then it snowed….

Let’s all remember the good example we can set when we show the children and young people in our community standing together right there with them, in this case literally on the bridge, on matters which concern us all in our desire for a better life for all. That’s the least we can do for our young people as they approach their own years as adults in a complex world.

We think we can say it was a magical International Women’s Day for the villages of Alton Water.
News: by popular request, the children’s work from all 4 schools will be on show at Stutton Village Hall for one hour before the film Skyfall is shown there on the evening of Friday 19th April, and then open again on Saturday morning 20th until the Community Shop next to the village hall shuts at around 12.30.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Celebrations on Lemons Hill Bridge

March 8 (Friday)

Final update!

We hope you can come to the village hall to see the exhibition of work on inspiring women and girls by local children and young people: the schools involved are Tattingstone and Stutton primaries, Holbrook Academy and Ipswich High School for Girls, and the schools are also involved in the singing and celebrations on the bridge.  You can visit the village hall from 10.00am when there will be tea/coffee and biscuits, and more refreshments, including home- made cake and savouries, will be served there at 12.00.

The young people and other singers will assemble on the bridge from about 10.50. So be there around that time or before to see them process  in. Marshalls will be there to show everyone where to stand. The bridge event starts at 11.00. Traffic will be calmed at each end of the bridge.

There will be singing, a short ceremony, and a ‘spanning’ of the bridge to symbolise everyone together working for a more equal and safer world for women and girls. The event will close with music. Then the refreshments will be available in the village hall. All refreshments are sold to raise money for Ipswich Lighthouse Women’s Aid.

If you live near the bridge, at just before 11am and throughout the hour, you may hear music and singing. We hope this will not disturb you. It will be finished at noon.

There will be many children young people, parents, and members of the public in the village at that time and perhaps more than the usual number of cars. Marshalls will help with parking. By 1.30 everyone will have dispersed.

If you want to help, for example especially by contributing to the refreshments ,or helping with the marshalling, you can still contact us. Or just come along and join in. Remember that men are also welcome, and are already helping with the event. If the weather is very bad, most of the bridge event will take place in the village hall though we still intend to span it at some point.

The event is being covered by Suffolk Radio and the East Anglian Daily Times.

We hope you will join in and enjoy this special day, and we look forward to seeing people from all the Alton Water villages helping span the bridge! Wear a scarf to help us stretch out cover the length of the bridge!

The Planning Group

Join me on the Bridge

01473 328371

February Newsletter

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International Women’s Day

More news on the On the Bridge Celebration.

Planning for the celebration of International Women’s Day which hopefully you read about in the New Year’s issue has continued. International Women’s Day is always on 8th March, and this year it falls on a Friday. Why the bridge? Because in the last few years the celebrations have often taken place on bridges across the world, big and small, because bridges symbolise connections, safe passage, support and linking together. And of course in Tattingstone we have the benefit of a beautiful location.

From about 10.00 the Village Hall will house the exhibition of work by children and young people from schools in the local villages on the IWD theme of women’s achievements and areas of concern.

Tea and coffee will be available and the heating will be on!

From about 11.00 we will start to gather on the bridge. Marshals/stewards will help keep everyone safe. The road will not be closed, but marshals will calm the oncoming cars from both directions. Once we are all together, a short welcome will be followed by songs, which the contributing children and young people will also join in, and which will be led by choir leaders who work with community groups (Fran, Tracy and Jenny). There will be a short meditational focus on the themes of the day led by Ann, a local interfaith minister. We will then stretch out as far as we can along one side of the bridge, to symbolise our connections, and there will be one last song. (There will be a sound system).This will end the bridge celebration: in the Village hall there will be refreshments, sold in aid of Lighthouse Women’s Aid.

Everyone is welcome.  If you would like to help in anyway, for example with the stewarding, or making cakes etc for the refreshments, contact Susan on 01473 328371.

To read about and see video of similar events worldwide, google Join me on the Bridge. We will this year be part of a world wide celebration .See you there!

The Garden Cabin

Are you having guests stay over but are struggling for space at yours? Well there is a solution.

Established now for three years, the self- catering holiday lodge is bookable all year round. It accommodates two adults in a king sized bedroom, and one more can just about fit in on a sofabed in the large sitting room.

Do you want to find out more?

A new year, a new look!

Over the last few weeks we have been working on a redesign and re-launch of our village website. Our new design has improved picture galleries, navigation to services in and out of Tattingstone as well as greater social networking integration. We hope these changes will further deepen our online presence in a way that will help parishioners find information and services they need in everyday life.

We ask that if anyone would like information to be posted on the website to email the information to If you would like a link to your business website to appear on the village website please email your request to

Thanks for taking time to visit us.

BCT First Responders

Who are we?

We are a community-based, voluntary group affiliated to the East of England Ambulance Service, operating in and around Bentley, Capel St Mary and Tattingstone. We are despatched by the Ambulance Service to attend certain types of 999 calls, providing first aid and basic life support before an ambulance arrives.

Why are we needed?

In a rural community such as ours, it can take some time for an ambulance crew to arrive. In some cases such as a heart attack leading to cardiac arrest, without early intervention a patient’s chances of survival can decline by as much as 10% every minute. As our volunteers are based here in the community, we can get to an incident very quickly, providing vital first aid and basic life support before the ambulance arrives, considerably improving the patient’s chances of survival and recovery.

What do we do?

A Community First Responder is trained to provide first aid and basic life support, including CPR. We carry a comprehensive medical kit which includes an automated external defibrillator (AED) and oxygen delivery system.

Our First Responders arrange to go on call at specific times on a rota basis, in a similar way to other volunteer emergency services such as retained fire fighters or the RNLI. Each Responder registers their availability by logging on to our website. Whilst on call they carry the medical kit in their car and an ambulance service-issued mobile phone to alert them to any calls.

In the event of a 999 call made from this area, the control room will despatch an ambulance, and if it is appropriate, will also contact the on-duty First Responder, who will attend the incident from their home or workplace. Community First Responders are only sent to certain types of incident, typically chest pains, breathing problems, strokes, falls and diabetic cases. We are not sent to road traffic accidents, trauma injuries or paediatric cases (i.e. children under the age of 8).

Because First Responders are based here in the community, we can normally get to a patient before an ambulance arrives and begin providing treatment. First Responders are a valuable additional resource, but do not in any way replace existing ambulance services. The First Responder hands over to the ambulance crew as soon as they arrive on scene.

How can you help us?

Join Us

We rely entirely on volunteers to give up their time to provide this valuable service. We urgently need more volunteers from Bentley, Capel St Mary and Tattingstone to join us and train as First Responders. The more volunteers we have, the more on-call time we can provide and the more patients we can help.

First Responders can be male or female, must be aged 18-70, have access to a car, be physically fit, have a caring nature and be able to work well within a team. You must also agree to a Criminal Records Bureau check.

No previous medical or first aid experience is required, you will receive all the training you need. You will receive an initial 2-day training course run by the East of England Ambulance Service, as well as regular ongoing refresher training.

You can provide as little or as much time on-call as you like, whenever you like, there are no minimum hours required. Even whilst on-call, you can still continue your daily activities. All we ask is that you stay within this area and be ready to go to a call at a moment’s notice.

Donate to Us

The East of England Ambulance Service provide our training, communications equipment and consumables such as oxygen, bandages etc. However, most of our funding, for items such as our medical equipment (an AED alone costs around £2000!), clothing for our Responders and running costs for our website, comes from charitable donations.

To find out more, apply to become a Responder, or make a donation, visit our website,, where you will find full contact details.

The next life we save could be yours!

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Tattingstone Church

Services in January

6th January - 10am Holy Communion
13th January - 6pm Evensong
20th January - 6pm Holy Communion
27th January - 10am Family Service

Well January is a very quite month so there is not a lot going on apart from the above services nor much say. BUT I have got a lot to say!! Firstly I would like to thank all that help throughout the year. Thanks to Jill Sergeant & Jim Pearce for locking & unlocking the church.

Thanks to all the bell ringers for ringing our bells. (We love to hear them). Thank you to the Ladies guild for all their support. Thanks to the flower ladies for the colourful flower displays in church all year through. Thanks to Charles for all the handyman services you offer & more. Thanks to Val for keeping us clean & tidy. Thanks to Tony for examining the end of year accounts.

Thanks to all I have forgot to mention. How could the church survive without you all. Thank you all very much. Christmas Lunch
We held our 18th Christmas lunch on 8th December. This was very much enjoyed by 72 people sitting down & 9 takeaways. The 20 helpers had lunch after we had wined & dined all who attended. I would like to thank all the helpers. (Servers, waiters, sprout, carrot, potato & parsnip peelers, turkey chefs, stuffing & pig in the blanket maker. I would especially like to thank those who help cook in the kitchen & the washer uppers. We really appreciate all the help & support you give. Without your help this wonderful occasion could not take place. Christmas Entertainment Evening
Well what can I say! A fantastic evening, we will have to see what happens next year! Thanks to Albert, Bill, Dave, Anne & James for entertaining us. This proved to be a very joyful evening. What more can we ask for at Christmas but JOY.
Christmas Carol Concert
This was a lovely candle lit service. 74 people came to sing & listen to the Christmas Story. They then were served with an array of nibbles & mulled wine. £192.75 was collected at this service so we are making it up to £200 to send to Save the Children.
Christmas Lights
David & Linda Brown have a marvellous display of Christmas Lights. They have kindly put out a box for donations towards the church. People come from miles around to see them. (Just as all those years ago the Wise Men & Shepherds followed the light of the wondrous star). Thanks to you both for lighting our way. Fantastic. Youth Conformation Day
There will be a Youth Conformation day on Saturday January 19th at the rectory at 10am till 4pm. If anyone is interested please contact Revd Annette on 01473 807674. On behalf of the PCC we would like to say a big thank you to all who have attended & supported us in any way. Everyone is welcome to join us at anytime.

Finally we wish you a happy & healthy new year. May god bless you all. Linda Smalley – churchwarden

Village Link

It is lovely to meet so many people from villages around the peninsular; we don’t see many Tattingstone people. I recommend this informal get-together. Kath Meetings of the Village Link are held on Wednesday’s at Tattingstone Village Hall unless otherwise stated.

Starts at 10am. 9th Jan – A journey around Britain – Chris Finbow

13th Feb - Punch & Judy show and talk – Peter Batty


The next meeting of the Bookclub will be on Tuesday January 22nd 2013 at 8pm at Jane’s -3 Samford Court.

We will be reading The White House Connection by Jack Higgins, a thriller encompassing Ireland, the USA and UK intelligence agencies. An additional suggestion is John le Carre’s The Spy Who Came in from the Cold – an examination of the conflicts, personal and political, of the Cold War before the fall of the Berlin Wall. We would very much like to welcome new members to the club so do please contact Judith if you are interested on 01473 327394 or email

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